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Elevated spirits

I dont know who gave the simple enough title Elevated Road, to the 10 km long linking road on stilts connecting Delhi with Uttar Pradesh on the eastern side. The road is pretty latest one and as such the paint is new and the road is not peeled off in patches as with many other roads in this part of the world.

I was a little late starting from home, 8 10 a.m. and the Sun was already high and I was wanting to do a smaller round and return than the usual. But then, the temptation to check out the Elevated Road after nearly four months of not going in that direction for various reasons was too much.

There are two elevated stretches and the view from the road is phenomenal to say the least. Today provided even more quaint a picture with a bunch of kids perched on the abandoned aeroplane on display at the fag end of the elevated track. By the time I could wade through the traffic and reach the kids for a closer view , someone came and shooed them away from their ride. It was such an interesting reflection reminding of Leo Tolstoy's war and peace with the children astride the aluminium structure built to kill, not knowing its real worth from the past treating it as a joyful Ride.

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