Cycling has an universal appeal. It is gender and age neutral. Cycling perhaps is also the most suited mode of transport in alignment with nature. In the world riven by an unprecedented pandemic Covid 19, cycling has become    all the more significant to stay healthy & stay mobile especially those who are seniors of over 50 years of age.  We planned this website  with cycle eco-tourism  especially  in our picturesque coastal region and also promote  Cycle donation keeping in view our vision that "Everyone should cycle". There would be industry insights, global news and views, tips and treats for the cycle enthusiasts and generally   act as a hub to connect everyone who is wheeling the world today. 

Wheel the world!


  • Cycles are no longer simple metal and rubber affair, there are huge technology changes in the way cycles are designed

  • E-cycles are revolutionizing  transportation

  • Dedicated cycle roads may soon make autonomous cycling possible

  • The environmental advantages  of using cycles are  huge

  • Employment potential of cycles , both manufacturing and services unparalleled and not fully explored

  • Join us at the  as member of  Cycle to Future Forum as an influencer for cycle use.  Click here to Join for free 

The first ever  webinar event of Cycle to Future for Health & Environment  was well received. The webinar wouldbe expanded to a public event and would be offered in July last week. The presentation at the webinar is available in this link

         There is so much fun in cycling and it is also possibly the best insurance against killer diseases like Covid 19. You can keep fit by keeping social distancing during work out by cycling in oxygen rich spots which you can find around you, quite away from people, while being with the people. Depression is a serious issue during Covid times and it is necessary for people to step out safe and keep fitness at the highest possible level.  The rule applies more to the people above 50  to avoid any ailment, while youth of course  could benefit big time from cycling.

The spur for cycling has also come from insufficient pubic transport during the Covid times, according to an official Delhi study.The study found that cycles use increased by a whopping three times during the pandemic,  a trend that is reflected from around the world. The caution however one should avoid being in the slip stream of the rider ahead of you a Belgian & Dutch joint study has established. The advise is to stay at least 20 metres apart from the rider in front! 

As far as cycling goes our focus would be on people of over 50 years of age whose commitment to cycling I expect would be total. We will be providing information and insight into how seniors tackle cycling as the best means to commute and stay healthy especially during Covid times 


Announcing our First Year Anniversary Cycling  contest Event  for 50 Plus  age cyclists. Send us evidence of your daily cycling  prowess exceeding 50 km per day on the number of days with your photographs of the claim and win a medal and certificate from Details of the 1st Anniversary challenge to follow 

  • Owning a cycle is a great pride and almost every urban household would have invested in cycles and children invariably outgrow the cycles which get castigated to the basements or dusty corners of the house degenerating with rust. 

  • These rusting cycles can be reused by....
    Factory workers, farmers, household helpers & the list goes on....
    Donate one if you have & become a philanthropist !  Save the earth! 

  • Do you want  to volunteer?   Get certified as a community service volunteer by SEAA Trust, New Delhi, a globally acknowledged International Accreditation advocacy and facilitation organization   since the year 2008

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  •  Our first cycle donation was done within two weeks of starting our website!


Disclaimer: Our website may contain publicly available information and videos giving due reference to  the original sources even though we are making every effort to use our own  photos and videos  provided to us by our users and also our team

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