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Join us to build   cycle cities/nation

There is increasing awareness that Cycles save big time on carbon emissions apart from keeping people healthy and energetic!  As member of the United Nations Global Compact, SEAA Trust, New Delhi  is committed to  work towards a better world. Since we are based in Delhi, we have been working to raise the bar on quality in education and now  spreading awareness about cycling to save environment and health.  We have been conducting webinars and awareness drives from time to time to  promote cycling.

Join us as a member of our Forums for both Cycles and also for Quality in Education  as per your choice.

Also support us with your sponsorship and donations  from time to time  when we take initiatives towards  realizing the 17 Sustainable  Development Goal SDG targets under the UN Global compact.  We would focusing on the education and health aspect of the  SDG listing. 


You can Donate using SEAA Trust bank credentials.

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