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When we started the website during the peak of the Covid 19 first wave the promise that we made was Cycling will definitely improve your immunity and keep the Covid 19 at bay. There is increasing evidence from around the world that this is so!  The universally acknowledged world bi-cycle magazine leader 

Bike endorses this view "now that the gyms are closed and outdoor sports in groups are no longer possible, many people must switch gears: how do I get enough exercise? The answer is surprisingly simple: go cycling!"

The website goes on to list five different ways in which cycling will help keep Covid in check 

The website also emphasizes  on using cycle as an everyday business tool "From a business perspective, using a bicycle can be helpful: are you a retailer or do you have a restaurant and are you switching more to home deliveries? Then the bicycle is ideal."

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Cycle Covid 19 Away 

  • Strengthen your immune system 

  • Make Cycling part of Daily exercise  

  • Great alternative & Safe Transport

  • Keeping distance is automatic

  • Keeps you happy all day  

There is so much fun in cycling and it is also possibly the best insurance against killer diseases like Covid 19. You can keep fit by keeping social distancing during work out by cycling in oxygen rich spots which you can find around you, quite away from people, while being with the people. Depression is a serious issue during Covid times and it is necessary for people to step out safe and keep fitness at the highest possible level.  The rule applies more to the people above 50  to avoid any ailment, while youth of course  could benefit big time from cycling.

The spur for cycling has also come from insufficient pubic transport during the Covid times, according to an official Delhi study.  The study found that cycles use increased by a whopping three times during the pandemic,  a trend that is reflected from around the world. The caution however one should avoid being in the slip stream of the rider ahead of you a Belgian & Dutch joint study has established. The advise is to stay at least 20 metres apart from the rider in front! 

ETAuto Originals: Bicycle craze sweeps India in COVID times

COVID pandemic is leading to a massive gush of bicycles and E-bikes. As the unlock settles in, people are taking to cycling to catch up with their fitness needs. It’s not just the Bollywood celebrities; the craze has gone to the masses that are endorsing fitness like never before. Cycles are handy and affordable to hit the road to activate a healthy life. E-bikes are increasing the fun quotient. Demand goes up for both. Policy support can push it further. 

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Cycling during Corona times:  Persons over 50 years of age may benefit big time  from cycling  as a daily routine in the post pandemic world while   people opting to cycling may reduce carbon footprint and  make the world an environmentally better place to live.  AutoTrack bi-monthly magazine has dwelt on the  benefits of cycling in its recent article 

How to Ride Safely Amid Corona virus Concerns

An article from  quoting a number of experts in the field of virology and medicine has a few tips based on the doubts being raised by the potential  cyclists during the Covid era

The obvious first question :  Is riding outside is safe under the Covid conditions?

The obvious answer is of course, you can go out. Except that you need to ride first solo or at least in a small group of trusted and healthy friends who is known not to have Covid  symptoms or who are vaccinated. Choose less crowded streets for safety.  There is as yet  any confirmation whether the virus is airborne and may reach you  when  you are riding  from downstream of someone riding in front or from some car or bus passing you by.  Best insurance against such eventuality to wear a  N95 or above mask to be doubly sure.

If you’ve been fully vaccinated, the American Centre for Diese Control  CDC states you can do the following:

  • Visit inside a home or private setting without a mask with other fully vaccinated people of any age.

  • Visit inside a home or private setting without a mask with one household of unvaccinated people who are not at risk for severe illness.

  • Travel domestically without a pre- or post-travel test.

  • Travel domestically without quarantining after travel.

  • Travel internationally without a pre-travel test depending on destination.

  • Travel internationally without quarantining after travel.

Watch out for people spitting 

In India spitting in public places is a constant nuisance as in many other parts of the world.  One has to be extra careful  while riding near such people even though cycle  tyres passing over such dirt is not likely to affect you  as they get  mixed with mud and gravel and evaporate before you  complete your ride. 

Don't touch anything or anyone 

While on your ride ensure that you don't touch any object like railing, traffic signal posts, bushes, buntings etc.,  even for a fraction of a second.  Also no handshake or Hi Fi at least for some more months. The only exception is while you run for any help  when you see any accident or if  you have assist someone to repair his or her bike. Please always carry any hand sanitizer in your backpack exactly for such occasions. 

Does Sweat transmit the disease?

Available information suggests sweating is not a threat so long as you don't come too close to the person (six feet or less) as the sweat particles may contain the virus if the person is infected or asymptomatic 

Can we use bike share facilities?

Short answer is No. If you can avoid it please don't go for public use bike share app based facilities. According to the CDC, it may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface that has the virus on it, like bike handlebars, and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but as stated previously, this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads. Additionally, recent research has found it’s likely that 90 percent or more of the virus when found on a surface will be inactivated after being exposed to midday sunlight for between 11 and 34 minutes.

Can I participate in rally or race?

Better avoid any such temptation. You can always ride another day or watch a rally or bike race another day when you are healthy and safe. Not today.  If you must if you are a professional rider, make sure to get maximum information from the organizers about the condition of the route, the state of health of the companion riders and the facilities that the organizers have created for keeping hygiene.

Change is permanent as Nations start investing in cycling

Over a billion euros has been invested in cycling across Europe since the start of the pandemic. Some of the continent's biggest cities are being transformed as people seek alternative, safer, greener ways to move around.

"As a person from England who passed his driving test in 1982, it was a joy to drive a car at first. But then roads became increasingly gridlocked that by 1995 I gave up driving to do my 11-mile commute by bicycle, which I've done ever since. I found that cycling kept me fit and very healthy. My waistline has not increased a single inch in 25 years, and the last time I visited the doctor was 2001. Cycling has amazing benefits, not only for the individual, but for the whole community." A comment on the video mentioned below

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