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The idea of creating a website like Cycle to Future came from  the desire to share my personal experience in the past five years  or more in rigorous cycling to keep fit.  I am 62 and my average daily ride is 50 km.  This is highly doable with a bit of an effort and setting aside at least two to three hours daily without fail.  Believe me there is no fatigue after cycling that kind of distance. And in fact, the energy levels are so high that  you could do much more during the remaining part of the day making up for the time loss.  We will share and chat as we go!  Write to me and share your cycling stories.

Background: Cycle to Future has been created  to build awareness and passion for cycling to wheel the world which has been decimated by total disregard to environmental concerns while transporting people and goods around the world. The website has been created by  SEAA Trust, a global accreditation advocacy organisation that has transformed world of Management Education in the country in the last 13 years. 

Vision:   There would also extensive promotion for cycle use based on our vision "Everyone should cycle."   

Awareness : Help cycling awareness particularly among seniors over 50 years of age to keep fit at all times especially while facing a Covid 19 affected world!

Eco tourism: Promote  Eco-tourism in mountains and coastal regions for those who are gutsy with an adventurous spirit. (more)

Cycle donation:  Promote reuse of cycles that are lying around rusting in most basements. We would want to promote cycle donation as a habit through cycle donation camps. (more)

Industry Insights :  Provide market insights, market segmentation, profiles of cycle companies, leadership, branding/positioning & CSR strategies for helping small enterprises. (more)

Electric Cycles: There is a a new future awaiting cycling enthusiasts in the form of electric cycles driven by fast modernising fuel efficient batteries. (more)  

Seniors' Cycling:  Age is just a number  and those who are over 50 would benefit greatly by cycling both for health & wellness and also for finding a great way of re-discovering the world they had neglected while building their career and family. 

Photography, tips & fun: Great photography opportunities!

Excellent  tips as well  as points of interest to cyclists! (more)

About founder...! 

Wheel the World

Thothathri Raman (63) is a globally award winning senior journalist, former Executive Editor of Business India magazine, arguably the country's oldest  and highly influential business fortnightly and Chairman of SEAA Trust, New Delhi, an international Accreditation advocacy & Facilitation organisation. 


Having worked in leading business publications for over three decades  that included, Financial Express daily from Indian Express group, Business World Magazine, The HIndu, The Economic Times, Observer of Business & Politics, Indian Management Journal of All India Management Association (AIMA)  and Business India magazine, Mr Raman has clear insight into the Indian business growth over the  decades. 

Thothathri Raman has been cycling solo for the past five years clocking 2000 kilometres or more annually. 

Cycle to Future is not simply an idea to promote cycling  as a hobby but also to gain clear insights into the industry, its impact on future of the world. Considering the way the environment has been badly affected by merely two centuries of fossil fuel use, it is necessary to look at transportation using cycles anew and come up with solutions based on the tremendous insights gained into advanced  materials, safety and healthcare domains. Future clearly belongs to Cycles.  

Thothathri Raman's detailed Bio is  in this link 

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