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If you are 50 plus never despair!  Robert Marchand the French cyclist  (26 November 1911 – 22 May 2021) celebrated his 107th birthday by going for a 20-kilometre bike ride in the Ardèche  and he stopped riding from his 108th birthday because of hearing loss!  In other words you have another half a century or more of achievements waiting for you  if you take to cycling. Want to know more? Click here! 

50+? Dont Despair!

Cycling can never be forgotten!

See the accompanying video on the right! The gentleman featured is past his prime pushing for 70 soon. And this was the first day of cycling after God knows how many decades. Ramasamy  as the professional  accountant  with worldwide practice was busy building  his career and family all these years with no space for cycling in his schedules. He had promised  that one day he and his  partner Lakshmi would start cycling and here he goes! A  flawless first time in years  cycling lap around his colony in Chennai. 

The goal of course  is to hit the European cycling circuit which I have been personally enticing him to, where his daughter already is  settled!  Goals may be  different but  cycling is the best way to  free your mind  and keeping fit to  reach your destined   targets.  Congratulations Ramasamy for your feat which sure is an  inspiration for all  50+ ladies and  gentlemen!  The  way to go! 

You want further reassurance?, The gentleman featured Srinivasan from Doha   is over 60 and the author and promoter of this website is 64 years of age with a daily average ride of 35 km. 

There are a lot of questions crowding in your mind we guess

1. Wont it is be exhausting to cycle?

2. Can  I cycle 100 km a day?

3. How about taking up a 300 km weekend  up and down ride?

4. What cycle I need to buy?

5. What sort of exercise regime I need before taking up long rides?

6. What about the nutrition and food regime? 

There is so much more.  We  have tackled some of this in other pages  but will answer these  in this page.

In  the year 2021 we had our First Year Anniversary Cycling  contest Event  for 50 Plus  age cyclists which is continuing . The idea is to send us evidence of your daily cycling  prowess exceeding 50 km per day on an average Six days in any  month with your date stamped  photographs of the claim and win  a certificate from us. 

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