Cycling can be quite strenuous and might lead to health complications if you don't care of your diet and keep an eye on the liquids and calorie intake. It is better to err on the side of caution rather than land oneself in a jam for choosing wrong or inadequate diet & nutrition. Often overeating and opting for fast-foods or greasy foods might land you in bigger trouble.   A popular overseas cycling article says  a healthy well exercised body required adequate amount of foods well spaced  out  to save a person from dehydration and undue fatigue while cycling. 

India  being a tropical country when harsh Sun beats down almost 8 months of the at lot of liquid, fiber, fruits along with steamed food is recommended by experts.

Scenic Road Bike


The typical menu

Cyclists Eating Plan

Breakfast - Porridge oats/eggs

  • Mid morning snack - Fruit/Yogurt

  • Lunch - Wholemeal bread sandwich/jacket potato/left over pasta from the night before

  • Mid afternoon snack - a piece of fruit/pack of unsalted nuts

  • Evening meal - A piece of chicken/ fish/other lean meat with Rice/Pasta/Vegetables

  • Pre bedtime - A milky drink before bed

Group of Road Bikers


Travel tips for cyclists

Long distance rides of over 100 km is quite common among seasoned cyclists  Any journey that exceeds five years needs careful planning in terms of what food to carry, plenty of water and fruits  besides a packet or two of trail  mix. 
Careful packing of dry and wet ration should precede any long distance cycling trip. The food on way tend to be expensive and may not suit a delicate stomach. Better to  keep your options open