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Cycling is your soul!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Cycling has been around for longer than steam engines and interestingly the cycles were made of bamboo initially and the tyres were made of hard rubber or cork. The cycles as we know with two wheels and a handle bar to steer it seem to have been first introduced by a German inventor called Karl Von Drais in 1817. A load of history is available on cycles if you search for. An interesting article on cycles says "Beginning in the 1860s, several different French inventors including Pierre Lallement, Pierre Michaux and Ernest Michaux developed prototypes with pedals attached to the front wheel. These were the first machines to be called “bicycles,” but they were also known as “boneshakers” for their rough ride (link to article)

The purpose of this post is not talk about cycle history but rather the modern myths associated with cycling.

  1. Cycling is not suitable for women. Well, there is no gender issues as far as cycles are concerned and human body is so designed that seating on a narrow bi-cycle seat is as uncomfortable for women as it is for men.

  2. Cycling is no substitute for Gym : Of course each has its own merits, But as far as cycle is concerned, it helps the whole body to exercise on a rhythmic mode

  3. Cycling if it is discontinued would lead to obesity: Not true as obesity has nothing to do with cycling and stopping cycling for a period is not going to make much of difference except losing some toning in the calf muscle

  4. Cycling is somewhat inferior to Yoga as the later not only tones up your body but also soothes your mind: Not true as regular cyclists pedal away automatically while keeping the mind calm and engaged as with meditation. Some people even say that cycling helps to bring back lost memories as you are in your own company

  5. In Corvid times, Cycling should be avoided: In fact it is the other way round. Unlike the public parks where people congregate, cycling helps maintain strict social distance without compromising on social contact.

  6. Cycles are too expensive to buy and maintain: Not true as there are a range of bicycles that matches the budgets of almost anyone .

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