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Deal with love!

Here is an interesting tale of love, compassion and extreme leadership which a friend of mine had posted in facebook today. My friend Lakshmi Bangalore had this tale which she picked up from a friend. She posted : "A kid had an old bike with no brakes and dented a stranger's car. A few days later the car owner surprised the boy with a new bike. Have you ever wondered how the world can be improved? Person to person, one kindness at a time!

Such kindness is also a way of leadership which the kid would have imbibed instantly. Where this took place and when is not important though the message really is.

At cycle to future we have been requesting our friends and wider circle to provide their used bike for other more needy people to use precisely with this idea in mind. A rusting rickety boke rotting in the basement is not fair with hundreds of people walk to their work as they cant afford the luxury of owing a working bike.

Please take out time to find the needy people to donate your used bike or write to us for help

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