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feeling free, you are on wheels

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Isn't it quaint to see a couple celebrating India's freedom by pedaling the exact number of kilometres equaling the number of years in which we have remained free from British hegemony, a total of 74 Km ? I spotted this couple at Qutab Minar, built by Qutab-ud-din Aibak in 1163, the imposing minaret 73 metres tall tower to commemorate his victories against Hindu kings.

This year's Independence Day became quite memorable as I could get to see lot of sights with people especially young celebrating the Independence Day whether or not they understood the meaning of freedom. India has come a long way in the years since independence when we as a nation have become a formidable industrial power with our products and services spanning the world. Even in the cycle industry, Indian share is the second largest in terms of volumes next only to China and Taiwan who are the world leaders in cycles.

However, we have to go a long way in getting quality cycles and brands of our own in the high end spectrum and also consolidate the markets to reach the cycles to every needy person who otherwise spends time walking or using expensive public transport to reach their place of work. Donations of cycles would be a solution to bridge the gap.

The day turned out to be even more memorable personally as on my way back I met with a mishap near IIT gate when I suddenly blacked out and fell from my cycle on my own accord and I had fainted for 20 minutes. What followed was extreme camaraderie of fellow cyclists and also the uniformed cops who took great interest in reaching me to a hospital in quick time.

I am doing fine now and hope to back cycling soon. But the pleasant experience of an extremely supportive people on the road on the country's Independence Day in my hour of need makes me believe that cycling is more safe and pleasurable. Believe me there is safety on our roads and also immediate help!

Avon cycles Punjab was established in 1948 to coincide with Indian independence and is now an Enterprise with 200 different models of bicycles. The company has turnover of Rs 500 crores.

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