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Freewheeling around the world!

Cycling is an universal thing and I am personally happy to speak about three people. One like me, a childhood friend and a senior who is passionate about his cycling based in Canada, another my own daughter based out of the happening city of automobiles of future Greenville in the US and another her childhood companion whom we consider as our dear daughter based out of Munich, Germany. Three different regions, three different people but connected by the single passion , to freewheel on pedal power.

Personally I am fascinated by coast and riding alongside the lapping & rollicking waves is fun which precisely is the sensation my friend Althaf has in Vancouver Canada while he takes out his cycles on the 28 km long stretch of Stanley Park Seawall Road.

Althaf takes his cycle out on a regular basis to keep fit along the 28 km long that extends from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks Park what is arguably one of world's longest water front pathway.

"I should say, I am really lucky to live in Vancouver. Hiking or cycling at the Seawall is the best one can dream off. Anyone will just fall in love to this 28 Km, world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path" , Althaf says.

Germany has beautiful landscape and vast green patches, inter-pressed with tudor type castles and low roof houses with large cattle herds lazing out peacefully. Of course the water bodies are also a tempting site even though the ride on gravel could be a major challenge.

"Rides are fun but they are strenuous too. You need to give yourself clear few hours for a ride and pack some good food to go along with the way" says Shweta, an economist by education who works in Munich Germany.

Describing a week end ride to Forggensee in the south of germany and an almost 32 km traversing a gravel path through pastures and small villages and relaxing near some water body, Shweta considers cycling is the best thing to relax your mind and keep your peace about you. "There is no need to chat, no need to compete and no need to sweat. It is a smooth leisurely and joyful ride" she says. "I went to this place which was 40 kms away from city. Went by car and attached a bike stand to the car and took my cycle. After reaching the lake i rode for 37 kms which took me around 4-5 hours. Super good weather. Sunny and bright" I covered the whole perimeter of the lake which was around 37 kms. There were lots of ups and downs in this route. Some bike tracks were on the main road while some tracks were through small villages. By the end of 37 kms i was just thirsty for drinks and wanted to lie down."

unbeknownst to all Germany is a leading cycling nation with 80 per cent of the people taking a ride at one time or the other and there are loads of cycling paths and regular tours. One of the hottest and densest cycling paths runs alongside the

River Rhine.

The Rhine cycle path - also called Euro Velo 15 - is one of the most modern cycle paths in the world and combines Europe's diversity of landscapes. Over 766 miles (1,233 kilometers), rideable in a mere 24 stages, it takes you through four countries from the Swiss Alps to the beaches of the Baltic Sea covering, parts of Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Austria. Euro Velo is a must ride destination that should be on the bucket list of every professional cyclist.

The third person whom I should speak about is our Daughter who is pursuing her research in autonomous transportation in Greenville South Carolina's Clemson University. Adhiti Raman has just acquired her cycle and is planning regular cycling trips around the picturesque region

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