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Long distance cycling tips

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Once you are comfortable on your saddle and clocked some 10 km round trip safely at least three to four times, it is time to expand your cycling quest.

This really means you could at a pinch explore around 20 km radius or about 12 miles around your home which means a lot. Here are a few things you may want to consider when you start on your adventure tours around the home.

  1. Keep your cycle always serviced and in top condition

  2. Equip your cycle with more than one bottle career clip because you are going to need plenty of water as you extend your pedaling range.

  3. Get hold of a good bag to carry your goodies making sure that it can be slung over your back or hung over the handlebars or cycle frame without affecting your pedaling comfort

  4. Make sure you pack your bag with plenty of ready to eat carbohydrate rich food such as energy bars, biscuits, banana and some chocolate sticks. No junk foods like chips, carbonated drink etc., please

  5. Wear light dresses and also cycle shorts with the foam to protect your seat

  6. Please also install a phone holder and of course blinking lights at the back

Please remember to take a break once every 10 km mark and take a sip from your bottle and popping in some food. An empty stomach and a thirsty throat are the biggest stumbling blocks for long distance riding. While riding, please try and discover roads less traveled to avoid traffic which can be quite trying in city roads and equally dangerous too. It is a good idea to spend some time on the google maps and chart your route the previous evening. Speed though very essential should be controlled to avoid accidents.

Happy cycling !

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