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A Year On, Campaign continues

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Cycle to future in simple terms is an appeal to people to go to their future astride the ubiquitous cycle that has been with man for more than 200 years of recorded history or more. The term bicycle was coined in France in the 1860s, and the descriptive title "penny farthing", used to describe an "ordinary bicycle", is a 19th-century term a Wikipedia noting says.

Does cycle mean going backward or forward? Usually the connotation is that we are advocating a transport system that has long been surpassed by much superior range of vehicles run on steam, Petroleum and now electricity. Also why would man think of a relatively slower and cumbersome mode of transport that requires supreme effort and energy on the part of rider?

Our idea of advocating cycle to future is also symbolic in the sense we would expect human ingenuity and a slow but determined pace of progress that conserves the environment and saves energy while keeping the rider healthy and happy. We are not against any technology use and in fact we would expect that the cycles are already becoming high tech in every sense and the newer nimble electric bike has also taken out the chore of having to pedal to your destination. The emergence of newer technology based on artificial intelligence may also usher in an era of autonomous cycles which would help the rider to effortlessly reach his or her destination without even having to worry about the direction and the road.

Cycles are first, being made with high tech inputs such special steel alloys, Aluminum alloys, Titanium alloys, and Composite materials using carbon fiber and different combinations of metals. The idea is to increase the strength and reduce the weight to give an aerodynamic capability for the frames. The process of making the bike is also quite high tech these days with the factories using latest robotic technology in the production lines and the paint shops. was launched during the peak Covid 19 season when nations had locked down their borders leaving little or no room for any outdoor travel, exercise or interaction with fellow humans. Ironically this was the period when people were needed to increase their immunity to ward off any ill effects of the deadly virus. In India alone 4. 5 million cycles were sold in less than five months after the lockdown was lifted mid last year. UK reported Annual sales figures of cycles and cycling accessories grew by 45%, adding £1 billion in sales. confirming the runaway boom in cycles in the calendar year 2020. German manufacturers reported a complete sell out of all their inventories in one sweep.

Taiwan the largest cycle manufacturers of the world was expanding its production capacity by nearly 100 per cent while the last reports came in. These figures simply confirms and endorses the raison d'etre of

In the last one year of our website's existence we got the support of AutoTrack an industry magazine right at the start and we also presented a one day workshop for the global team of the publishing giant Springer Nature's Green office Network.

We presented at AIMS group of institutions under the title "Cycle to future for health & Environment and we plan to offer open seminars on the same topic in the coming weeks. A Forum for cycles was also opened which is open for subscription with our compliments. We also launched a survey for gauging the cycle use for health and environment protection. The survey is still open for response

The actively encourages debate and discussion on creating smart city environment for cycling and also thought leadership in getting the city planners think cycle as with many countries world. wide.

We have also launched a content 50:50 to encourage those over 50 years of age to do at least 50 km cycling for as many number of times as possible within one month starting from our 1st anniversary day 2nd of August through to 1st of September.

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