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cycling in Europe, Nostalgia

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Europe is not only a colourful tourist destination with its ancient castles, lakes, mountains and beaches but it is also a region best known for great cycling. The cycle tours here cater to foodies as well as history buffs and offers a little something for everyone looking to see the best of Europe using cycles.

Best part about European cycling is that you can sometimes end up visiting three to five countries in a span of ten days! The cycling roads are sometimes exclusive and most other times well marked out by the side of highways and city roads. The cycle friendly approach of the different government attracts young and old alike to set off on their two wheels. Indian cycling teams professional and amateur alike make a regular beeline to some of the best known destinations in Europe.

"We do recall fondly the tour we undertook some four years ago to Austria" recall the team from Nashik which undertook a week long Vienna, Austria cycle tour. The rally had started from Vienna and reached Bratislava capital of Slovakia Country (70 km) and moved on to Mosonmagyagrorar in Hungary (55 km) and reached at Gyor from there (60 km). From Gyor the team reached Esztergom, Hungary (65 km) and finally Budapest (60 km). The tour ended by the side of river Danube using a separate cycle track. The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most well-known and well-traveled bike routes in Europe. It follows the Danube River from its source in Germany all the way to the Black Sea, but the most popular stretch of the trail is the 190-mile (306-km) portion between the scenic German village of Passau and Vienna, Austria.

Some of the popular cycling tracks are the 259-mile (416-km) bike path starts in Salzburg, Austria, winds through the Alps, and ends on the Mediterranean coast in Grado, Italy. Mountains, inexpensive spa towns, and delicious food and wine are all part of the journey along the Bulgarian section of the Iron Curtain Trail. The route begins on the low-traffic roads of the Thracian Valle to head east into the mountains that form the border with Greece, passing through affordable spa towns like Gotse Delchev and Devin. The popular European cycle tours may cover

  • Czech Republic. ...

  • Transylvania, Romania. ...

  • Salzburg, Austria. ...

  • Umbria, Italy. ...

  • Scotland. ...

  • Dolomites, Italy. ...

  • Southern France.

With Pandemic around the best of the European destinations can still be reached with better planning and more homework.

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