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Keep Pedalling....!

A friend from Hyderabad who is also an award winning branding professional had this list to provide about cycling. Haven taken to cycling only recently,. he has vowed to remain a permanent cyclist at all times to come.

The Week That Was #LifeCycle

7days, 3different cycles and multiple thoughts:

1. Keep pedalling to stay your course

2. Pains are true and cyclical

3. Now you know your adaptability muscle

4. The biggest threat is from unorganised sector (of vehicular traffic)

5. When rubber hits the road, you will derive empirically that speed = distance/time

6. A friend on the way is never “in” the way

7. Addictions have similar beginnings

Another friend who is a familiar to the cycling circuits of Vishakapatnam has just moved into to Delhi. He had announced : " After four months, I am back to cycling. I got my cycle back from the State Capital (Designated) to the National Capital Region. Being happy is all about the mindset. I believe the Quote of Swami Vivekananda, "Sound Body has Sound Mind." Of course, the additional property, the mask, protects us from not only Viruses but also dust pollution. His FB insert elicited around 40 comments one of which went like this " Sir, the roads are so empty. Happy cycling. You are the most fortunate human being enjoying your valuable time."

Cycling evokes such strong feelings in people, many of whom would love to take the spin given the right circumstances. Since the time we started this website if nothing els

e we have been able to reach out and influence quite a few people among the professional network of friends I have which in turn would have definitely spread among other circles.

Also one could see that many of the cycle manufacturers, component makers and leading cycling clubs have become active in promoting real time and virtual cycling contents which are replete in the social media. Also we are finding our getting traction as more are joining in by the day.

Our aim is to not just get everyone to cycle but also the governments to look at cycles more seriously as not just an entertainment medium for elite and a necessary transportation tool for the poor, but as one of the regular means of transportation which leads to wellness and also expansion of industry, business and services centered around cycles. The realisation that cycles can be a big employment provider which contributing almost nothing (except at the manufacturing stage) to endemic pollution worldwide is now being realized. As member of United Nations Global Compact in India, SEAA Trust, New Delhi the promoter of this website, we are pushing for quality education and leadership building with benchmarking with the global best in the class with Accreditation. Cycling is one of the global best practices to day and the realisation needs to come

We would work towards getting the Business Schools to do cases in the area of cycles use leading to economic change. We would also get the Business school students to take to cycling to provide the leadership impetus to rest of the youth.

Probably the next set of seven thoughts of my friend Sudhakar Rao may be

  1. Cycle is not just for entertainment but a major force for employment generation

  2. India with its vast youth population and marginal living of a bulk of people, cycle could be a big relief. Reusing cycles and getting people to donate to users among poor needs big push

  3. identify industries that could employ cycles (even battery operated ones)

  4. While the world is going ballistic on cycles, India needs to urgently increase its cycle manufacturing capacity

  5. Sports centered around cycles needs to be pushed heavily

  6. Cycling needs a big brand push in India, not simply the cycle manufacturing companies

  7. Academia should take up cycling impact studies more seriously

In the meantime let's keep pedaling!

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