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On a pedal for the soul!

What makes people connect to their soul in the everyday chaotic life? "It may not be possible to enjoy every day results with the Employment/Profession/Business. But, it will be thrilling to enjoy the results of walking/jogging/trekking/swimming/cycling/gymming-cardiac-strength/yoga/sports/games on an everyday basis. That's the power of physical activity." so says Professor S S Prasada Rao of Gitam University, an academic campus located in one of the most beautiful coastal towns of the country, right beside the Bay of Bengal and a sprawling beach front.

My friend Ramesh pathania, an ace photographer who handles photography now for Mint daily in Delhi says he connects with River Beas, the banks of which were his childhood playing field. "It is basic human nature to get attached to (make a soul connection), another humans or animals and worldly things, howsoever hard you try not to get attached to but in the end you will get attached", he says.

Prof Prasada Rao has been a cyclist for some time now and hopes to continue to wheel the world in the days to come. The comments that followed his facebook post featuring him cycling were mostly from his students who felt highly inspired by their good professor.

Personally for me, the high is from sitting on a lonely rock which are strewn all over the beach at Kanyakumari the tip of India watching the different coloured waves from the three seas, Arabian, Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean weaving together sheer magic in their confluence of crashing waves. That is the way I connect with my soul. Each of you may have your own way doing the searching and connections. But, cycling certainly is one of the best ways to keep your mind occupied and yet empty while your distant unseeing stare while factoring in the oncoming traffic may see only the horizon and beyond while your soul speaks to you,.

Of course you need, not just endorsement but also encouragement in your cycling endeavors. For prof Rao it s one of his favorite students Shanmukha P and for me it is Shalini, my daughter of soul.

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